Sergeant Marion Smith is buried in his family plot at Cross Creek cemetery in Fayetteville, North Carolina. His headstone reads as follows:

To perpetuate the memory of Marion son of John and Ellen Smith born in Raleigh, NC Oct 25 1841 died on the battlefield of Malvern Hill near Richmond, VA  July 1, 1862.  He was 1st  Serg’t Co. K (Raleigh Rifles) 14th Reg’t NC Troops: he fell, mortally wounded, while in front of his command gallantly charging the routed foe, and his last words to his comrades as they sadly gathered about him, were “Press on my brave boys, follow up our glorious victory don’t wait for me.”   

On the reverse of the stone reads:

(Conquered but not dishonored) O glorious flag, O righteous cause, O glorious struggle to be free.  O glorious sleeper though was proved, a soldier fit to follow Lee.

Information submitted by: Jerry Harper